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Creating values together.

A strong community can help economic, social and ecological objectives to be achieved more swiftly and more sustainably: This principle is synonymous with adamas Europäische Genossenschaft SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited liability Societas cooperativa Europaea [SCE] [European Cooperative Society] for Returns from Real Estate).

The real estate market in Germany is considered to be the safe haven of the real estate business in Europe. Nevertheless, not nearly as many properties as are required are being constructed from new in regions of growth. However, the requirements of people and of the economy, as well as demands specific to environmental protection, are steadily increasing. Many portfolio properties are no longer able to keep pace on this front. This is precisely where adamas Europäische Genossenschaft SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited liability Societas cooperativa Europaea [SCE] [European Cooperative Society] for Returns from Real Estate) comes into its own.

adamas modernises and optimises properties throughout Germany and routes them back into the regulated real estate market. By so doing, the life of the properties is definitively extended. At the same time, the accustomed cityscape remains preserved.

The real estate sector: an economic driver.

The German real estate sector has a significant share in the gross domestic product and, thus, in Germany’s economic performance. Close to 19 per cent is to be attributed to the real estate business. Over 2.5 million people are engaged in the construction industry. It is, thus, one of the cornerstones for the economic success of the country.


In demand and promoted.


German properties are in demand – with foreign investors, as well as with domestic traders and private individuals. But for years, there have not been
enough mint-condition properties to satisfy the high demand. Whenever there is a deficit of new builds, portfolio properties become increasingly important.

Case in point – housing: In 2015, the Federal Republic of Germany introduced the “Act on the Moderation of Rent Increase in Strained Housing Markets” to alleviate the housing shortage. This is intended to keep housing affordable. Rent increases are now possible only if the living situation of the tenants or environmental protection are significantly improved thereby. With the provision of public funds for energy-focused refurbishment, the optimisation of existing properties is also actively supported.

Value creation through real estate.

People and properties have one thing in common: One can sub-divide the lives of both into various stages. Depending on the manner in which it is utilised, the life span varies between 30 years (retail properties) and 70 years (residential buildings). From a statistical perspective, each property.

The adamas cooperative plans and revitalises properties with value creation potential in a targeted manner, thereby concentrating on the operational phases with the greatest value creation.

Project development

We at adamas understand real estate as being a local place where people live in conditions that are as optimal as possible and where they can fulfil their professional potential. Concomitantly, real estate is integral to a city’s overall framework, which, as a fundament construct of life, is of great relevance to our society. To this end, the experts at adamas devise a customised project development plan for each individual property so as to upgrade it both economically and ecologically. The thrust area of project development is concerned with plots of land, vacant sites and real estate properties that are in need of revitalisation.

Energy-focused refurbishment

Our environment concerns all of us. The real estate business must also play its part in protecting our planet. This is why energy-focused refurbishment is accorded top priority at adamas. Minimisation of energy consumption in terms of heating, hot water and ventilation preserves natural resources, saves on costs of maintenance and also increases the value of the property. Possible government funding also facilitates the requisite investments and, thus, harmonises ecological and economic requirements.


A good link with tenants pays off. The staff at adamas regularly speak with tenants in order to identify any issues or requirements early on and to resolve them together. This increases satisfaction, creates a high degree of tenant loyalty and sustainability, thus ensuring the properties’ high intrinsic value. Active and target group-tailored lettings management does not just yield new lets; it also obviates vacant properties. The in-house Facility Management unit caters to cost transparency and the reduction of ancillary expenses, thus contributing to sustainability.


Properties that have reached the end of their total useful life or no longer meet modern-day requirements very often find themselves in a difficult situation, economically speaking. All too often, because of insufficient capital for a required revitalisation project, usually associated with a high rate of rental vacancies, the owners run into financial difficulties with their financing banks. Because of its solid access to such financing banks, adamas has the option of acquiring such real estate properties at particularly lucrative purchase prices that are below the current market value owing to the specific set of circumstances.


adamas makes properties fit for the future and brings them up to date. Only by means of regular modernisation and targeted upgrade initiatives, particularly viz. energy-saving measures and the reduction of ancillary rental expenses, are quality of life and productivity enhanced. Members of adamas thereby benefit from sustainable rental income and the associated increase in net asset value.


Revitalisation is the supreme discipline among restructuring strategies for real estate. It involves more than just a refurbishment. It involves the structural modification of the basic elements so that modern-day utilisation is again rendered possible by way of optimised floor layouts or even an extension. Thorough conceptualisation is a prerequisite for this. A comprehensive feasibility analysis is carried out specific to each property prior to actual project development. Project development, planning and stringent structural monitoring and implementation yield the revitalisation quality and quantity that has the greatest potential for value creation.

Beneficiaries are the cooperative, its members and, of course, any prospective tenants.


Once the attractiveness and sustainability of the property has been restored for its users and tenants by way of increasing the total useful life, it is time to think about the future. For adamas, the value creation potential emerges from the difference arising from the more cost-effective purchase and from the project development, planning and implementation of construction, as well as from the above-average rental yield derived from the management phase. This value creation potential is achieved by the onward sale of properties, and it is, thus, available for the implementation of further property-specific project development initiatives undertaken by adamas.

With adamas, you benefit from these substantial advantages:

Collective purchase or general agreements with product suppliers for the members of the cooperative for more cost-effective purchase of energy-saving products such as ecological insulating materials, products for roof refurbishment and technologies, such as heating systems and energy-centric and savings-focused technologies in building services engineering, as well as products or services of all kinds that are advantageous to members.

At regular intervals – at least once a year – the cooperative organises information sessions on the topic of energy-focused refurbishment with specialists and energy efficiency experts; these offer a regional slant on a property undergoing refurbishment, with practical examples drawn from a cooperative property and a site visit.

Regular provision of information by way of a newsletter addressing the following topics: properties, sustainability, management, energetic refurbishment/modernisation, heating and climate protection in a single-family (often detached) house, an apartment complex and commercial properties, as well as important subsidies and financing of energetic refurbishments.

In the instance of calls for tender for construction work, energetic modernisations, energy-saving measures and all incidental works and services implemented, offers from other cooperatives are treated on a preferential basis.

At regular intervals, the cooperative offers your members advanced training sessions on preferential terms; these deal with topics pertaining to sustainability in the realm of property.

The cooperative promotes the exchange of ideas among members in an internal Internet portal.

Invitation to the General Assembly with a fringe programme and buffet.

Cooperative members receive a small present when they attend the General Assembly.

The fundamental principle that guides adamas is the advancement of society and of environmental protection in the real estate market, borne out by a community-focused and democratic organisation. As a European cooperative, adamas is wholeheartedly committed to the welfare of its members.



Our permanent repayments of your membership investment render you capable of accessing sufficient capital at all times and, thus, for instance, supporting yourself, dependants or humanitarian projects. You can bank upon adamas!



adamas charts, develops, plans, constructs and manages properties. adamas thereby comprehensively leverages the value creation potentials of real estate. Benefits are derived by the cooperative and its members, but also by our tenants.



We at adamas cater to public welfare by acting in alignment with ecological sustainability to not only improve properties but also the residential and professional milieux of our tenants. Do something good, too!



Investments in tangible assets, such as real estate, survive even persistent crises and currency reforms. Together, we create a broad-based platform built upon a solid foundation!


Ecological and social commitment and economic success are not mutually exclusive; it must also be worth it for our members. Higher value creation potentials are generated by way of project development and revitalisation: the members of the cooperative benefit from this.



By becoming a member of adamas, you will be supporting environmental and climate protection, for instance by way of energy-focused refurbishment,
associated energy savings and the increased use of alternative energies.



adamas creates new net values of tangible assets by way of project development and the operational activity of property upgrades. The primary objectives are longevity, stability and value preservation.

It’s all about values.

For adamas, the triad consisting of social responsibility, ecological efficiency and economic success constitutes a daily challenge and imbues our work.

Optimisation derived from social responsibility

As a company, adamas safeguards two important and fundamental human needs. Every individual has the right to live in a safe and secure place. Every company requires space for creative ideas and optimal preconditions for a harmonious work environment and fair staff remuneration.

This is why, while optimising properties, we work very closely with urban planners and social institutions on-site. Only in this way can a tailored and integrated concept in terms of a better quality of life be arrived at for the city and the country.

We are committed to a favourable climate

One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is environmental and climate protection. Properties make an important contribution to this with intelligent energy efficiency. On this front, the greatest potentials subsist in the fabric of the building and the use of alternative energy sources.

On the one hand, sustainable and enduring materials contribute to environmental protection and, on the other, they increase the value of the property. A large proportion of thermal heat can be saved by equipping the façade, roof or windows with suitable thermal insulation systems.

It is possible to obtain one’s own energy using solar modules, for instance, or by effecting a connection to regional wind energy systems or co-generation plants, while a natural “air-conditioning system effect” arises through the greening of façades and roofs. Lower ongoing expenses are the perfect answer to increasing energy costs and ensure that the costs of investment are generally recouped within a very short period of time. Furthermore, energy-focused refurbishment is actively promoted by the government. Funds provided by the government reduce costs, and implementation on the part of adamas conserves the environment.

Making a virtue out of need

Whether a boom or an economic recession – property owners in all kinds of economic situations have found themselves in financial difficulties and in need of capital at short notice. Nowadays, banks must retain more equity and demand more and more from borrowers. If borrowers can no longer satisfy the bank, insolvency is not a distant prospect. This does not have to be the case!

adamas provides swift and reliable assistance. This leads to a win-win situation for both parties: Property owners receive urgently needed capital; for its part, adamas receives properties at an attractive price with sufficient leeway for optimisation and upgrades. This is why adamas has specialised in the purchase of properties available owing to special circumstances, such as realisation of bank security, foreclosure auctions and probate disputes.

The cooperative primarily benefits from the fact that lending banks are prepared to forfeit portions of their claims against the previous owners in order to adjust their balance sheets. At the same time, the previous owner generally benefits from debt relief.

Description of a situation – example


A property with a market value of EUR 10 million usually has approx. 5.0% rental income, which equates to EUR 0.5 million in this example (see illustration on the left). The acquisition by adamas usually takes place due to a special situation, such as bank realisation. This allows a lower purchase price (see chart on the right). adamas intends to purchase at approx. 30 % below the respective market value. In this example, at a purchase price of EUR 7 million. For the restructuring, revitalisation and energy renovation, project development costs of approx. EUR 0.7 million and EUR 20 million of building are calculated, as well as EUR 1.0 million for specific, energy-saving measures. The specific, energy-saving measures in the amount of EUR 1.0 million can be subsidised with grants, for example. Therefore, the total production costs of the example amount to EUR 28.7 million. Through these measures, the market value is expected to increase to approx. EUR 43.48 million and the rental income can now be set at EUR 3.13 million due to the revitalisation of the property at 7.2 % of the market value. The computed market value is now equal to  approx. 13.89 times the annual net rent without heating. This is an average sale price for revitalised properties. Through the operational business, particularly the building measures, total added value of approx. EUR 14.78 million is therefore assumed. For the realisation, a duration of between two and five years after acquisition of the property is assumed, depending on the property.

A benefit to the public that pays.

Money can be earned by investing in public welfare. This is also confirmed by Handelsblatt, which titled an article dated 08.02.2013 as follows: “Housing cooperatives are instruments of profit.”

Membership by way of acquisition of shares in a cooperative is not a capital investment. It amounts to nothing for capital investors with short-term interests who only wish to secure high dividends for themselves and then withdraw their capital. adamas is synonymous with sustainable economic efficiency. For this reason, the minimum term of membership is fixed at ten years.

The anticipated returns cannot yet be estimated at this juncture owing to the continuous, operational nature of the business. Our innovative strategy gives us the opportunity to achieve more than conventional cooperatives. Below the line, we endeavour, over the long term, to achieve average solid returns of six to ten per cent as a dividend payment.


The repayments presented are remitted from the net membership contribution paid and, thus, reduce the cooperative shares. The dividend presented constitutes the specific pro rata accumulated income of the cooperative and is liable to tax on the part of the cooperative member in receipt of payment.

The increase in the issue price has not been taken into account in this process.

The statistics presented are of a general nature only; they do not take into account the individual, tax-specific situation of the member and can be changed at any time by statutory amendments or administrative practice, to an extent also with retrospective effect. Therefore, a tax consultant should be sought out for detailed information.


Note on projection and description of situation:
The figures used in these examples are of a purely indicative and informative nature, their purpose being solely and exclusively to show the performance of repayment from cooperative shares and dividend payments. These figures do not represent predictions of the future in respect of dividend performance and in no way constitute an obligation or an offer on the part of adamas, nor do they permit conclusions to be drawn about future returns. In the forecasts, inter alia, a legally prescribed provision was taken into account in favour of the cooperative, in this case, in the amount of 20 % of the respective balance sheet result. Through the annual new possibility for all Green and Blue Members to choose a repayment of the shares in the amount of 6 %, a detailed forecast is not possible.

Become a member now!

Become a Green-Member

For silent beneficiaries:
Green members.

Passive membership.

Share price: 1,000 euros
Issue price per share: 1,050 euros
Number of minimum shares: 5

Become a Blue-Member

For active co-creators:
Blue members.

Active membership.

Share price: 1,000 euros
Issue price per share: 1,150 euros
Number of minimum shares: 10

Become a Orange-Member

For sponsors.
Orange members:

Sponsorship-based membership.

No shares,
one-off payment from €100
Sponsors are provided:
opportunities for advanced training on preferential terms,
participation in information sessions,
the members’ newsletter.

Note on projection and description of situation:
The figures used in these examples are of a purely indicative and informative nature, their purpose being solely and exclusively to show the performance of repayment from cooperative shares and dividend payments. These figures do not represent predictions of the future in respect of dividend performance and in no way constitute an obligation or an offer on the part of adamas, nor do they permit conclusions to be drawn about future returns. In the forecasts, inter alia, a legally prescribed provision was taken into account in favour of the cooperative, in this case, in the amount of 20 % of the respective balance sheet result. Through the annual new possibility for all Green and Blue Members to choose a repayment of the shares in the amount of 6 %, a detailed forecast is not possible.

Membership / Terms and Conditions / opportunities / risks:
Membership of adamas Europäische Genossenschaft SCE mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited Liability Societas cooperativa Europaea [SCE] [European Cooperative Society] for Returns from Real Estate) is governed exclusively by the statutes of the cooperative, as well as the Terms and Conditions and notices relating to opportunities and risks contained in the design documents.


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